Internal modernisation completed in Townsville

27 June 2024
Level 11 - 1


We are excited to share the completion of an internal fitout of the 11th level in Castlerock’s signature asset in North Queensland.

Located at 445 Flinders Street, Townsville, this project resulted in a renewed modernisation and optimisation of level 11 for our long-term tenants, the Queensland State Government and the North Queensland Recovery Centre.

Initiated in October 2023, the project’s objective was to meet tight time frames and provide a space which meets and exceeds the needs of the Government departments which are due to occupy it.

The refurbishment was divided into two phases to effectively manage and meet timelines. Collaborating closely with the tenant and local tradespeople to execute the fit out within a short timeframe, ensuring a smooth transition into the new space and immediate enjoyment of all new facilities.

Level 11 - 2


Castlerock’s Junior Development Manager, Jordan Pradolin, said, "It was fantastic to complete the refurbishment of Level 11 at 445 Flinders Street and deliver a project that exceeded our tenants' expectations.

“The entire building, including the newly refurbished areas, continues to maintain its six-star NABERS energy rating.

“At Castlerock, we invest significant time, effort and resources into achieving and maintaining high NABERS ratings across all assets in our funds.

A key differentiating factor of this asset is that it is also designed to operate independently of external power, water sources or sewerage connection for up to five days. This system ensures the building remains operational during emergencies, providing secure and reliable infrastructure for our tenants.

We are delighted with the final outcome of this refurbishment. The refreshed and functional space not only meets our tenants' current needs but also anticipates future demands, promoting continued long-term relationships with our valued government tenants.

Level 11 2


Level 11 - 3


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