Delivering value beyond the CBDs

4 June 2024
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Participation in recent international investment forums illustrated a significant yet often overlooked opportunity, both domestically and abroad.

Among seasoned investors, it was evident that the focal point remains steadfastly fixed on the central district (CBD) locations of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

However, within Castlerock, we recognise a wealth of compelling investment prospects lying beyond the CBDs of major capital cities – an insight grounded in historical realities.

Despite Australia’s enduring urban-centric nature, wherein the six-state capitals account for 65 per cent of our population, regional Australia confidently demands equivalent levels of Government services to those enjoyed by their metropolitan counterparts.

Whether pertaining to healthcare, education, social security or other essential services, regional Australia rightfully expects these services to be readily accessible in person.

To effectively deliver such services, State and Federal Governments require robust social infrastructure, alongside property partners who are prepared to meet tenants’ evolving needs swiftly and efficiently.

At Castlerock, our roots have historically been in regional locations, where opportunities have proven to be the nexus of an investment trifecta – providing the right buildings, in the right locations, for the right tenants.

This ethos has guided us since inception 21 years ago, establishing long-standing relationships with State and Federal Governments bodies Australia wide and giving a new meaning to consistently strong occupancy rates, allowing for stable and sustained income streams.

The specialisation in Government sectors derives from the observations of an underserviced market, wherein specific needs have often been unmet and properties maintenance falling short.

While others in the sector take a set-and-forget mindset towards these assets, we embrace a proactive, client-centric approach.

This approach has yielded enduring client relationships and holds two additional factors to the Government specialisation strategy. Firstly, Governments are vocal in their ongoing efforts to foster economic development in regional areas.

Secondly, the dynamics of the supply and demand, resulting in Governments seeking a full-service property partners that truly understands their needs.

While the approach may not be revolutionary, Castlerock’s success in managing and maintaining regional assets to consistently meet tenant expectation underscores a narrative worthy of recognition, both domestically and internationally.

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